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Ouse Bridge

New edition of "Swanning Around Selby"

Posted on 21 November 2014 03:58 PM by David Moss

Selby Civic Society has published a revised edition of its "Swanning Around Selby" guide booklet.

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YHACS 2014 Peter Spawforth Trophy Competition Entry

Posted on 9 November 2014 05:35 PM by David Moss

Selby Civic Society have entered their "Swanning Around Selby" project in the 2014 YHACS competition for the Peter Spawforth Trophy.

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Selby Rail Bridge gets a make-over

Posted on 20 July 2014 05:30 PM by David Moss

After several years of waiting, Network Rail's repainting and mechanical overhaul of the rail bridge over the River Ouse in Selby will be carried out, starting in July. The work is scheduled for completion by the end of the summer. 

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Selby Civic Society's new website goes live!

Posted on 25 June 2014 06:34 PM by David Moss

New website for Selby Civic Society went live on 25th June 2014.

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Members meeting on 26th June

Posted on 8 June 2014 08:09 PM by David Moss

Members meeting on 26th June - "Edwardian York" by David Wilde

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Whitby trip for members and guests on Sat 17th May

Posted on 25 April 2014 02:49 PM by David Moss

Society members and guests are going on a trip to Whitby. Whitby CS members will host a guided tour of parts of this historic seaside town.

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Good Design Award 2014 presentation on 9th May

Posted on 23 April 2014 07:16 AM by David Moss

Award presentation at former "Brayton Toll House" on 9th May

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New website coming soon!

Posted on 7 April 2014 02:24 PM by Jim Wildash

We are all very excited about the new website........should be online in June.

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