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Suspension of planned meetings

Posted on 19 March 2020 by David Moss

In the light of recent Government restrictions on public gatherings and travel because of the COVID-19 emergency, the Civic Society Committee have decided to suspend all of their public and committee meetings that were scheduled to take place up to the end of June.

This includes:

The Chris Cade "Signalman" meeting on 26th March in Portholme Church

The trip to the Tutankhamun Exhibition in London on 23rd April

The Cawood Dig meeting on 21st May in Portholme Church, and

The coach trip to Whitby Museum on 21st June.

Progress of meetings beyond this period will obviously depend on restrictions then in force, and updates on these will be made as soon as possible. The next scheduled meeting is planned for 16th July.

The Society will continue to conduct as much as possible of its business during this period, and with Committee meetings also being temporarily in abeyance Committee members will carry out any essential business by email or phone.

We hope that at some future date we will be in a position to re-run some of the suspended events.

Members are important to the Society, so we apologise for the unavaoidable suspensions of these social events. But our duty of care to members and the public who would have attended meant that this was the only option available to us.