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New edition of "Swanning Around Selby" released

Posted on 2 May 2017 by David Moss

Selby Civic Society will be launching a revised version of its guide to Selby’s history and heritage in May thanks to a generous grant from Selby Town Council for the printing of a 4th edition of “Swanning Around Selby."

First published in September 2014 the 36-page booklet tells the story of Selby’s history, guiding users along six themed walks to over fifty Selby heritage sites as diverse as the magnificent 11th C Selby Abbey, the 19th C birthplace of a table tennis pioneer in Micklegate and the 17th C botanist and apothecary who sold bananas! Smartphone users can read a great deal more by scanning QR codes embedded in the text to reveal another hundred pages of information and illustrations about selected sites.

With over 11,000 copies of its three earlier editions distributed free of charge to visitors and local residents, this new edition has been partly rewritten to reflect changes in the town since 2014; so “The George Inn” replaces the “Londesborough Hotel” and there’s an revised article on the Abbot’s Staith Medieval Warehouse.

Society Secretary David Moss said, “Selby has a wealth of interesting heritage sites that can be explored by following gentle walks detailed in the guide and we urge residents and visitors to the town to seek these out. Armchair explorers of Selby’s heritage can access the e-version of the guide on the Society’s website

We’ve tried to make the guide relevant to 2017 by correcting and updating sections, but we ask users to let us know if they find any other discrepancies.

It’ll be available to pick up from Selby Library, Selby Abbey, the Selby Times office and various business outlets around the town from May 5th.”