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Good Design Awards 2016

Posted on 19 April 2016 by David Moss


Since its founding in 1969 one of Selby Civic Society’s objectives – to promote good design in town-planning – has been met by looking at developments that have gone on in and around the town, and presenting “Good Design” awards to developments it considers to have most improved the streetscape and amenities of the town. The award takes the form of a civic society plaque (below) that is placed on the building or at the site to commemorate the achievement.

To see previous awards go to the "Plaques" page on this website.

This year, Selby Civic Society is inviting nominations for recently completed or renovated buildings, shops or spaces in the built-environment of Selby town and surrounding villages that are significant improvements. The building or feature nominated must be in public view - like a shop front, residential development, public space or similar. Nominations for developments completed in the period 2014-2016 are especially welcome, but older developments of high quality can also be nominated.

Previous winners of Civic Society design awards will not be eligible.

Please use the "Comments Form" below to nominate any project that you wish to have considered for an award and post it before 8th May 2016, Alternatively you can mail your nominations to: Selby Civic Society, “Good Design 2016” c/o 3 Great Close, Cawood, Selby, N Yorkshire, YO8 3UG.

From the nominations received, a panel of judges chosen by the Civic Society will produce a short-list of the entries from which a winner will be selected, and their decision will be final.


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