Waterfront Garden and Amphitheatre

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Waterfront Garden

Waterfront Garden and Amphitheatre

The Waterfront Garden runs alongside the River Ouse. A winding path leads from the Amphitheatre (photograph below) to the foot of the A19 road bridge and includes a "Timeline" of metallic strips - the work of sculptor Ailsa Magnus - that refer to key events in Selby's history.

Prominent in the area is the sculpture "ReLaunch" featuring four figures important in Selby's history:-

  • a Monk (referencing Abbot Benedict and the Abbey)
  • a Miller (Selby's agricultural links, and the mills that used to line the River Ouse)
  • a Miner (recalling the Selby Coalfield)
  • a Marine Engineer (representing the 500 years of shipbuilding on the Ouse).

The sculpture (photograph below showing the monk and the miner) sits on a plinth of hand-made bricks designed to show the river wave or aegir - another piece of Magnus' work. Laid out with specimen planting and benches, the area is a pleasant place to relax.

The whole development won a Civic Society "Good Design" award in 2010.

For more information click on this link: Waterfront Garden

Additional Images

Amphitheatre at the Waterfront Garden Sculpture in the Waterfront Garden Waterfront Garden under construction