Smithson Tennant

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Smithson Tennant's birthplace in Finkle Street, Selby

Smithson Tennant

Research by the Civic Society in 2005 established that Smithson Tennant was born in 1761 in the house in Finkle Street Selby on which the plaque is now installed. 

In a distinguished career, he became a Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge University, won prestigious awards, discovered two elements - osmium and iridium - and was one of the most highly regarded scientists of the early 19th Century. He died in a tragic riding accident in 1815.

The banner photograph shows Finkle Street and the photograph below shows the plaque being presented to the then owner of the birthplace property.

2011 was the 250th anniversary of Tennant's birth and a celebration ale was brewed - photograph below.

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Additional Images

Plaque presentation Tennant ale