Cholera Burial Ground

Selby Civic Society

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Abbey Place, Selby leading to the Cholera Burial ground

Cholera Burial Ground

This Civic Society information plaque is situated in the Cholera Burial Ground, which is to the north side of Selby Abbey. It describes events concerning the outbreaks of cholera that occurred in Selby in 1848-49, and the improvements in Selby to public health following this tragic event. The plaque was installed in 1994 on the Abbey railings, close to the memorial stone that marks the burial site.

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In 2018 Selby Civic Society, with financial support from Selby Community Engagement Forum, commissioned and installed a new memorial stone in the Cholera Burial Ground, replacing the damaged stone that had been in place since 1995 - see below.

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New memorial stone installed in 2018 New memorial stone installed in 2018